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jQuery Websites

JQuery is a cross platform JavaScript library which is designed to simplify the client side scripting of HTML. It is the most popular JavaScript library in the recent times. The most trafficked websites on the Web are designed by the use of jQuery. This is free and open source software. The syntax is designed to make easier navigation for the document. You can select the Document Object Model (DOM) elements; you can create animations, handle various software events and develop Ajax applications.

It has the capabilities to the developers to create plugins on the top of the JavaScript library. This also helps to reduce the complexity of using a website and manage to easy handling for low level interaction, animation, advanced effects and high level theme widgets. The modular approach to the library of jQuery allows creating powerful dynamic web pages and web applications. To apply the jQuery for your websites, you need to hire the best web designers. We, Vision Web Creations are ready to stand beside you to design a website using this application.

By using jQuery you can increase the web UI and the following functions can be achieved.

  • Manipulating DOM elements
  • Helps to create HTML on the fly
  • Binding events and triggering them using code
  • You can send Ajax requests to the server

JQuery is a platform that encourages the developers to write fewer lines on JS code and concentrate on the higher level feature and functionalities which is the utmost need to be achieved. JQuery websites ensure the coding to the cross browser compliant.

There are two ways by which jQuery can run on websites:

  • ou can download the expected jQuery file from the library of jquery.com
  • Including jQuery from the CDN (Content Delivery Network)