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Some Latest Organice SEO Techniques That Will Make The Difference

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization has come a long way since its early days. It’s not that it is an age old process that had to withstand years of changes and evolutions to come to its present form. If you we look back, we will see that the businesses have been reaping the benefit of SEO for the last 5-6 years. The change in technique and form has changed at a lightning speed since then. Such has been the pace of that change that now that we are in the mid of 2015 and just a few years since the early days of SEO, there is hardly any similarity between the earliest techniques and the ones that are practiced at present. This change in trend and technique has got a new shot in the arm with the introduction of the concept of ecommerce, the success of which almost entirely depends upon the success of Search Engine Optimization. Here is where, Organic SEO, the latest sensation in world of Search Engine Optimization makes the difference. Even then, the techniques of organic SEO have seen a sea change over the last few months or so.

However, before getting into the details of the latest trends and techniques of Organic SEO, let us at first see what Organic SEO is.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is a phrase that is used to describe the processes that are followed to help a website gain a natural placement on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO techniques

Some very elementary techniques that are used in organic SEO include using keywords and analysis of the same, backlinking and building effective link(s) for improving link popularity, writing relevant content with the help of strategic keywords, and so on. Still, all these are not enough. There have to be some unique techniques that will make all the difference. More so, for the ecommerce websites, the SEO companies need to follow certain latest techniques, which will help the websites prepared by web design and development companies gain top ranking consistently, and help in online business.

High-Quality Content

At present, it is the quality of the content that matters most. Low–quality poorly written content will bring doomsday for a website. Gone are the days when the world of SEO was chiefly dominated by the websites that received the maximum number of backlinks. Since low-quality content do not result in a great user experience, the websites containing such content and are pushed down by the search engines, and once that happens it is a tall ask to help it crawl up yet again. Hence, the quality of the content has to be as good as possible.

Videos and Images

Videos and images make a lot of difference in the ranking. Then again, not all content would need an image or a video to enjoy top ranking. There has to be a balance in the incorporation of videos and images, wherein the images will provide a breakup of the content and a visual reprieve to the visitors, thereby offering the opportunity of on-page SEO.

Besides, videos and images also help in another way. Search engines generally list the images in their ‘image’ search category. This implies that if and when the users search for any image and in the process finds the one that you have uploaded, it will automatically lead them back to your website. So again, the video or image helps to increase the traffic for the website professionally prepared by the web development company.

Regular Blogging

Blogging is regarded as one of the strongest techniques of organic SEO today. Regular blogging provides a page the power to target a much broader target area and cover even the most trivial topics, within a broader spectrum. This is mainly because each blog post individually acts like a traffic engine, and thus provides the page to enjoy more traffic. However, here again the quality of the content comes into play.

Social Presence

The social media network at present has really come out of ages. At present it shows hardly any symptoms of letting up. This has been noticed by Google and other search engines. Social signals at present make a huge difference in the world of organic SEO and when it comes to improving traffic, it is imperative for SEO companies to use social media as well as social bookmarking in a strategic and effective way.

Truly, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and the likes have a huge impact in increasing the traffic for the website.

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